2019 SHY grant application

The grant application form can be accessed at https://grants.hematology.fi/

Note! You may also use previously registered user accounts to submit this years applications. If you have forgotten your user account's password, you may request a new password here: https://grants.hematology.fi/password/reset (language selector at the top left of the page)

To apply for the grant, follow the following steps:

  1. Register to the application platform at https://grants.hematology.fi/register.
  2. After filling in the registration form, you will receive an email containing the instructions to confirm your registration. Follow the given instructions.
  3. Fill in at least the application's required fields.
  4. Submit the application at the very last step of the application form.

After the application period has closed the board will evaluate all of the applications and choose the grantees. Chosen grantees are personally informed and the results will be published at the hematology.fi website.

If at any point you need help regarding the application process, or anything else related, please contact the site administrator: Lauri Mäkinen, lauri@mits.fi.