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In this page you will find instructions on how to use the Enest1st substudies eCRF system (FHRB).

For any questions, please contact Kimmo Porkka. He will also provide you with a user name and a password.

Please do not use the browser back button for navigating in the database, instead use the backarrow marked as: 

1. Logging in

  • use the link provided by email to access the eCRF database (FHRB)
  • enter username and password
  • enter session-specific 4-character code sent to you by SMS

2. Searching patients and editing data

  1. Click Search. Enter data to the fields you want to use in the search (e.g. patient number). Click "Search"
  2. Select the patient by clicking the  Patient id link (blue)
  3. Click on the follow-up date link you want to edit
  4. Click update follow-up to edit the data fields. click Save when done

3. Adding a new follow-up time-point and data

  1. Click "Add new follow-up"
  2. Important: select the correct input form "CML - Krooninen myelooinen leukemia/ Novartis Enest1st substudies". Should be the default form for the data entry, but if you see strange varieable fields in Finnish, the form is incorrect!
  3. Enter follow-up date from which you are inputting data. Follow-up date is the date when the sample was taken, not the analysis date. Click Next
  4. Click on the "+" sign to open data entry fields to the substudy you want to enter data to. Click Save when done. 

4. Adding a new patient (optional - all patients are pre-entered)

  1. Click "Add new patient"
  2. Enter data in the fields,  denotes a required field. Please note date format (ddmmyyyy), no periods! Click the Save button when done
  3. Add diagnosis to this patient by clicking "Add new diagnosis"
  4. Select "CML - Krooninen myelooinen leukemia". Enter hospital and date of diagnosis (ddmmyyyy). Click Save
  5. Click Save once more (you won't be inputting diagnostic data)
  6. Add correct study to this patient by clicking "Add new study". Select "Novartis Enest1st substudies" and click Next
  7. Enter study patient number and the start date (date of signing the consent). Click Save
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